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This is how building turns into architecture - these two are the canvas and paint of building design, they can be handled well or badly, or just occasionally with genius.

Take the time to consider every placing, shape and volume to make sure it performs as needed, functions at its best, and then adds that little something. ie "firmness, commodity and delight".

The way light falls through a window and the movement of sunlight across a room can make all the difference.

There are many sources of instruction,and even design formulae, from the Golden Section to Feng Shui, Corbusier's Modular to Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Architecture. The only way you can proceed confidently is to apply all the logic, precedent and advice you can pick up, but in the end allow yourself to judge by your own emotional response, find the feel good factor.

The recognition of potentially disastrous climate change has at last filtered into all aspects of our lives, including buildings and the way we make, design and use them. The handling of space and light is the key to environmental efficiency - how is the space heated and cooled, how is natural light brought in to minimise the energy use, how can the most use be made of the warmth of sunlight, how can natural air suffuse the volumes without losing valuable energy through openings.

Consider the garden: small or large, a few pots or acres of woodland, some access to flora and fauna is good for your health. A view of the changing seasons, nature, and awareness of the position of the sun through the day will make a difference to how you feel in your house. So carefully check the orientation of your future home and how the sun will fall on it, how it will light the space outside and when, what each window will frame. Like good music, good food and a fine view, good architecture can lift the soul - and that makes you feel good and may even make you healthier.

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