Our duties to you:
• We have a duty to exercise reasonable skill and care
• We are subject to the RIBA code of professional conduct
• We are obliged to obtain your authority before initiating any of the work stages
• We should make no alteration to the services or the design except with your consent, except in an emergency, eg in matters of health & safety, when we must notify you of events without delay.
• We will advise if there is a need for other professional or specialist services, these are best arranged as separate appointments paid direct by the client.

Our statutory duties:
• We must work within the law as it applies to construction work.

• We must comply with building regulations, planning legislation, health & safety legislation and with relevant common law restraints.

• We should advise on steps to be taken to ensure compliance, and on the need for approvals

• We can make submissions to and negotiate with statutory bodies but we cannot warrant outcomes beyond our control.

Your undertakings:
• We retain copyright of our work, protected by law

• You have the right to use the documents and use them to carry out the work for which they were produced, provided you have paid all fees due.

• If you wish to suspend the services then reasonable notice must be given, and work can be resumed later if instructions are given within a mutually agreed timescale.

• Either party can terminate the agreement by giving reasonable notice in writing.

• If there is a dispute which cannot be resolved by discussion the conciliation schemes are available (ref. RIBA), the dispute can be referred to arbitration, and the Housing Grants, Construction & Regeneration Act 1996 allows disputes to be referred to adjudication.

Paying our fees:
• We invoice as stages of work are reached, or, if there is a delay in the proceedings we will invoice to date after a reasonable period.
• The invoice will include VAT.
• There will be a "Statement of Professional Services Rendered" accompanying the invoice stating what work has been achieved and therefore covered by the invoice and also any out of pocket expenses claimed. Expenses are eg for printing, travel, photos, OS maps. We do not invoice for work not actually carried out.

• We expect payment within three weeks of invoice, we ALWAYS chase debtors!