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As members of the RIBA both you and we are protected by a comprehensive structure of service and contractual back-up which can be referred to if necessary. More importantly, it enables confidence for both client and architect to get on with the complex process of creating good architecture. Also as RIBA members we carry professional indemnity insurance.

Standards in the Professional relationship between Architect and Client:

This depends on mutual trust and confidence

Commitment is required on both sides to achieve a successful outcome.

Time and care is needed to explore your ideas and requirements and select services to match them within the limits you set on time and money

It is important to understand each others' responsibilities and to be able to set them down in writing to ensure they are clearly agreed.


Using the RIBA basis of appointing an archiect, and tailored to your needs following an initial meeting (the RIBA covers all sizes & types of project), we would provide a 'letter of appointment' for your agreement which would set out the services offered and the related fees. If this is mutually agreed then we can get started.


Once appointed:

We have duties to you as your architects, we also have statutory and legal duties to work according to employment, health & safety and relevant common law. We also will advise on, and have a duty to ensure, compliance with construction industry standards. You, of course, have a duty to pay for the work we do on your behalf.

Above all we undertake to use our best endeavours on your behalf, which includes all our experience & abilities.

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