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We are construction professionals with knowledge of the industry and its organisation, working methods and standards. An architect can advise and guide you through the complex web of rules, regulations and contractual obligations connected with planning and building. As Chartered Architects we provide a quality service in design, professional expertise and overall value.

We are skilled building designers who can contribute flair and imagination when investigating the feasibility of your requirements and in developing design solutions. We can find extra light and space, suggest a form of construction and materials well-suited to your project, and provide a stylish as well as practical response to your needs.

Our value comes in part from keeping within the budget and seeing that a project runs efficiently to completion. It is also about how well the building will function in use, its running costs, life expectancy and resale value. We

can make a positive and often considerable contribution to a project in terms of its cost-effectiveness and ultimate overall value.

Our fees? Very often the extent of the work only emerges after ideas are developed and tested for feasibility. Then a balance is needed between the size of the project - because many tasks are the same whether the job is large or small - and the complexity of the project - eg an agricultural shed or a nursing home.

Quoting a percentage of eventual building cost gives flexibility in development, although we can quote a lump sum for defined work. As a guide for the full service from feasibility to handover: for a domestic project we would charge in the range of 13% for a large extension and 10% for a new house.


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